Email Marketing
Email Marketing
Across both B2B and B2C, customers subscribe to receive interesting, informative email from brands. Unfortunately, your customers email inboxes are also constantly flooded with a plethora of newsletters and spam. If you’re looking to add email marketing to part of your integrated online marketing program, our team of results-driven professionals can work with you to deliver a customer-centric program geared at converting and retaining customers.

We’ve honed our email marketing process to create a results-driven approach to messaging, Call To Action (CTA), lead capture and conversion metrics. Integrating email marketing with a search marketing program can help you deliver quality, targeted email marketing campaigns to your prospects.

Current Vertical Infonet Pvt. Ltd. clients are commanding the attention of their intended audience and ultimately
  •  Increasing inquiries
  •  Increasing leads and sales
  •  Building ongoing relationships with prospects
  •  Communicating frequently with existing customers/clients
At Vertical Infonet Pvt. Ltd., our email marketing services follow best practices and include:
  •  Customer Segmentation
  •  Persona Development
  •  Campaign Strategy
  •  Email Marketing Implementation
  •  Measurement & Refinement
Whether you are considering an integrated online marketing strategy or already have an established online audience, Vertical Infonet Pvt. Ltd. can help you take your email marketing from dull to engaging and results-oriented, to better connect with your prospects and customers.

Contact us today to discuss your email marketing needs and how we can best assist you.
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