IVR Solutions - Super Receptionist
Customise Any Call Flow
SmartIVR is ideal for any company that needs one- or two-way communication with its stakeholders to ensure completion or efficiency of any business process. These could be firms involved in digital or mobile marketing, online classifieds, e-commerce, online shopping, logistics, BPO and healthcare, or franchisee-based organisations.

In a nutshell, here’s what SmartIVR can do: automate call centers, integrate telephony to your CRM, support desk and other enterprise apps, track leads generated from marketing campaigns, collect feedback and data through automated outbound calls, send reminders to customers and enable voice interactivity on websites.

SmartIVR Features
  •  Call Recordings
  •  Conference
  •  Number of Your Choice
  •  Call Logs
  •  Call Queues
  •  API Integration
  •  Call Distribution
  •  Automated Speech Recognition
  •  Text-to-Speech
  •  Customised Multilevel IVR
Boost Sales & Customer Support
With zero capital investment, scalability and a pay-per-use model, SmartIVR can boost your company’s sales, marketing and customer care. Its robust and flexible cloud-based platform can be tweaked to meet your unique voice-based communication requirements.
Run 24/7/365
SmartIVR resides in and operates from the world’s most reliable cloud computing platform, with inbuilt mechanisms for fail-over, redundancy and backup. You might take a vacation, but SmartIVR never will.
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