Why Outsource To Vertical?
Vertical Infonet Pvt. Ltd. is expert in enterprise class real time applications hosted on Cloud or SaaS, device driver development, embedded applications for Windows and Linux and CRM applications using Microsoft SharePoint and Azure architectures. With proficiency in PHP, .NET, System Programming and Embedded Development we function across an entire spectrum of industry garnering knowledge of core domain processes and industry standards.

Vertical Infonet Pvt. Ltd. is also a trusted name in the industry for fostering long-term associations. Our 12 year consistent success and global clientele vouch for our commitment and dedication.
Choosing the right kind of outsourcing partner can give you that extra edge over your competition. It can make all that important distinction between success and excellence.
Value Proposition
When the delivery does not meet the expected quality standards, outsourcing proves to be an expensive engagement. Vertical brings to the table following benefits for your business.
  •  Value for Money
  •  Proactive Professionals
  •  Technical Expertise
  •  Cutting Edge Technology
  •  Security
  •  Cost Savings

The Done Deals
Vertical Infonet Pvt. Ltd. brings to the table following Deals Done.
  •  Financial Services
  •  Information Technology
  •  Manufacturing
  •  Accounts & Audit
  •  Online Comnunication
Talent Pool
Vertical Infonet Pvt. Ltd. can brag about a rich talent pool where more than 70 percent of our workforce is highly skilled software engineers and consultants having panoptic development experience spanning across various industry verticals. They are capable of creating solutions that can give some of the best names in the industry a run for their money. With our core team having more than a decade’s exposure in technical, management and financial areas and a considerable number of our people having more than 4 years of industry experience, we are a rare synergy of fresh ideas, stability and reliability.

We house experts in PHP development, Microsoft .NET, System Programming, Embedded Development as well as applications hosted on Cloud or SaaS platform. These experts are aptly supported by our service staff in their endeavors. Our group of skilled engineers, developers and service personnel form a cohesive unit that aspires to meet the unique demands of your business.

Our people go that extra mile to deliver customer delight above and beyond customer satisfaction.
Enterprise Products
Retail Products
Banking Products
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