Card Issuance (Encoders) Hybrid Motorized
Intellistripe 380
The IntelliStripe 380 is a motorized magstripe/Smart Card encoder-reader that allows financial and ID cards to be instantly encoded and issued to customers. Its compact footprint, rugged design, and low audible noise, make it a perfect choice for motorized card issuance at financial institutions, schools, business, and government environments.
Product Information & Specifications
Intellistripe 380 single card-slot design simplifies user-interface, and removes the human-element from ensuring quality magstripe and Smart Card encoding. A smooth mechanical card-transport ensures fast, reliable, and high quality encodes operations. A dual-color red/green LED provides clear status indications to the operator. Power-fail card-return, and manual card-eject features ensure that a customer's card can easily be retrieved under any conditions.Magnetic tracks 1,2,3 can be encoded and readverified per the ISO 7810/7811 Low-coercivity and High-coercivity (Loco/Hico) magstripe standards. (Support is also provided for AAMVA Driver's License formats. Proprietary magstripe formats can be supported via a binary encode mode.) Smart Cards can be encoded per the ISO 7816 and EMV L1 standards using either T=0 or T=1 protocols.Support is also provided for many popular memory cards including: SLE 4404, 4418, 4428, 4442, 4443, and I2C families.The IntelliStripe I380 provides dual RS-232 and USB connectivity, which allows it to easily connect to a variety of PC configurations. The IntelliStripe I380 has a full-featured command set that allows a customer's software application to easily control and monitor status of all device operations.
  • Read and write Hi-Co and Lo-Co magnetic stripe cards per ISO 7810 and 7811
  • Read and write Smart Cards per ISO 7816
  • Motorized for increased encoding precision and reliability
  • RS-232 & USB interface
  • Flash programmable
  • Dual color LED status indicator
  • Remote power pack
  • Small footprint
  • Low cost
Applications and Advantages
  • Financial Institutions
  • Schools
  • Business Outlets
  • Government environments.
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