Lector K2
LECTOR K2S is a new high performance device for electronic management of bank and other documents. LECTOR K2s gives a very quick return on investment as it allows a drastic reduction in behind-the-counter operations and recourse to the service centre;
  • Excellent image quality
  • Leading edge MICR reader
  • Version compatibility
  • Printing for Marking and Registration
  • Advanced Multifunctionality
  • Printer Solution
Applications and Advantages
Strategic advantages
  • Excellent image quality: thanks to its optical modules, it allows an excellent image quality, all to guarantee perfect data legibility, even when the documents being processed are extremely worn.
  • Leading edge MICR reader: thanks to the extensive know-how of our R&D department, Lector K2s have the best decoders currently available on the market; thanks partly to its high-level performance in the OCR functions, the speed of reading and deposit processes has increased considerably. All transactions are completed with a security higher than normal market standards, allowing your organisation to offer a high-performance service to your customers in full compliance with the most stringent cutting requirements.
  • Version compatibility: thanks to the bancor strategy, Lector K2s is entirely compatible and consistent with the previous units installed, in terms of both software and hardware.
  • Printing for Marking and Registration: available in three versions P1, P2 and P4, thanks to the printing modules, it is possible to perform marking and registration of the documents being processed. Due to this, the SPA function has been introduced: Scanning, Registration Marking and Archiving, which allows scanning and registration of documents in a single operation. The Printer solution includes scalability from 1 to 4 lines (P1, P2 and P4), thereby extending the possible applications of the family with functions such as printing of: special characters, signatures, company logos, OCR characters, barcodes and matrix data.
  • Advanced Multifunctionality: the reader may be expanded with all the functions of the Lector K2s family, inserting a 3-trace badge reader, Smart Card reader/writer (up to two slots) and RFID Module.
  • Printer Solution: this may be adopted in various situations (at the counter or in back office) which require high scanning and printing quality standards, while still guaranteeing low operating costs and avoiding the errors caused by manual intervention of the operator. The Printer solution is optimal for registration marking, a decisive factor for public administrations and all institutions aiming at innovation, for improvement of the services offered to citizens and customers. Dematerialisation of paper documents is therefore one of the key elements for fully digitalised performance of administrative processes and, as such, is a compulsory step which involves digitalisation of the paper document through technological devices, in conditions of security; the Lector K2s Printer family of readers is therefore a strategic partner for all agencies and organisations with a propensity for technological innovation. These requirements are a particular point of focus for the Public Administration, which DigitPA itself defines in its own guidelines.
  • The final customer always at the centre: the bancor Lector K2s Printer uses extremely high-performance ink cartridges in terms of capacity and duration, all to allow printing of an enormous number of characters with excellent resolution. This is all designed to give the operator maximum autonomy and allow attention to be concentrated solely on the customer's requirements.
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