E-Scan 2100 (Laser Barcode Scanner)
Product Specification
Scanner Type Bi-directional
Light Source 650 - 670nm (visible)
Scan Rate 100 scans per second
Resolution 0.10mm (4mil) PC0.9
Width of decode field 200mm50mm @60mm, 220mm@200mm
Depth of decode field 0-25mm (0.33mm.pcs90%)
Reading Distance 2.5 - 600mm (100% UPC/EAN)
Print Contrast 30% minimum reflective difference
Dimensions L164mm x W67mm x H95mm
Weight 235g
Scanning Angle Inclination angle 45°, Elevation ang le 60°
Decode Capability UPC/EAN, UPC/EAN with Supplementals, UCC/EAN 128, Code 39, Code
39 Full ASCII, Code 128, Codabar, ISBN, ISSN, Code 93, MSI, Interleaved 2
of 5, Code 11
Interfaces Supported Keyboard Wedge, RS232, USB
Case Material ABS+PC
Current Consumption 100mA (Idle Current <40mA)
Voltage Requirement 5VDC ±5%
Indicator Beeper, LED
Operating Temperature 0°C - 50°C / 32° F to 122° F
Storage Temperature -40°C - 70°C / -40° F to 158° F
Relative Humidity 5% - 95% (non-condesing)
Shock 1.5m drop on concrete surface
Ambient Light Immunity Immune to direct exposure of normal office and factory lighting conditions,
as well as direct exposure to sunlight
Electrostatic Discharge Conforms to ±15KV air discharge and ±8KV of contact discharge
CORH class 2 laser product, FCC class A and CE
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