NQuire 200
Customer Information Terminal
The NQuire 200 customer information terminal is designed to read/scan, inform and interact with your customer.

It is excellent for communicating prices, product information and loyalty points. This small and alternative information terminal reads multiple data carriers; from 1D EAN/UPC barcodes to complex 2D barcodes of mobile phone displays. It is even possible to equip the NQuire 200 with a RFID reader!
Product Features
Data Collection
Through a 1D CCD or 1D/2D image engine with a RFID engine as an optional addition
Designer and ergonomic Information Terminal which can be used as, e.g. a Price Verifier / Checker or Access Control terminal.
Data Transmission
Transmit data through Ethernet or WiFi.
Great Environment adaption
Because of its small size and the VESA 75 mountability, it can be installed virtually anywhere in a store or office.
External device connections
The external USB and GPIO ports enable the possibilities to attach a handheld scanner for scanning bulky objects or to connect an entry/exit gate or door lock.
Power Supply
Charged through power adapter or Power-over-Ethernet
Advanced Technology
Includes core-technology UIMG includes the optical, CMOS, digitizer, decoder, image processing & embedded systems.
VESA Mount
VESA 75 Mount – The NQuire complies with standard VESA 75 brackets enabling easy mounting on shelves and walls.
ADP005 – The power adapter for NQuire200 Series. Output: DC12V,2A; Input AC100~240V, 50~60HZ.
Applicable Accessories
Configuration tools
The NQuire 200 uses an internal webserver for configuration. This eliminates Operating System restrictions.
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